Indians voted for a "Swashbuckler"?

How many Indians
voted on
November 8th 2016
for this

Thousands from what I have seem!
Notice the word
Deepest apologies to my friends from India.
I did not say Natives or first people!
"How do you like him now"?

Trump called Andrew Jackson

“A swashbuckler.”

The Cherokees called him

“Indian killer.”

By Deneen L. Brown
The Washington Post

Donald Trump has a portrait of Andrew Jackson
hanging by his desk in the Oval Office.
On Monday,
in an interview with
Salena Zito,
the 45th president
lauded the seventh president,
calling Jackson
“a swashbuckler”
who could have
prevented the Civil War.
The Cherokees had a different name for Jackson.

They called him
“Indian killer.”
The Creek called him
“Sharp Knife.”

On May 28, 1830, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act,
which Native Americans say
was a form of legalized ethnic cleansing.

The act forced more than 60,000 Native Americans
from their lands in the Southwest United States,

clearing the way for white pioneers.
Native Americans were forced
to walk hundreds of miles
to resettle
west of the
Mississippi River.
Historians believe
more than 15,000 died
on the difficult journey.

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