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Sachem - What is a Shechaim

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Nettie Smith<>Penobscot/Pequot Got her name because she loved to fish using a net.
I can remember Uncle Russ, her son, who enjoyed many days & nights warm or cold swimming in my pool while he talked about the old ways & old days and his visit back to the Penobscot Reservation with the
Shechaim/Matriarch/Clan mother, Nettie Smith & her ancestors on the Pequot nation side.

"Shechaim/Matriarch/Clan Mother
Bright Star, Alice Storey. "
Our Matriarch ancestor, Alice Storey
known as Bright Star because as a child
she loved going outside to look at the stars


Yours state is on the East coast of Native American Country.


The leaders of your Native American Tribes should have been 'Shechaim's'?

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