Welcome San Luis Obispo, California

Welcome San Luis Obispo, California
To one of our many posting
about smudging,
the art of prayer.

Smudging the correct way

While visiting our posting blogs and websites
please always remember, besides

 'all are welcome.'

That we write about our ancestors,
our people
Among a few other things
in the news on
"Mother Earth!".

We do not condemn or necessarily agree with other groups throughout

Native American Country or Indian Country.

We write, as with the following blog,
about our people.

Moiigans (Maïngan) News

May your own personal Creator (GOD) bring peace and good well to you and
Mother Earth
(the WORLD)
today and the rest of our lives!

My prayer to all that happen to arrive at one or more of our sites is this.

"The only thing important to remember when dealing with Tribal culture and ceremonies is, every ceremony in our culture must be as a prayer.

Please keep this in mind while teaching, learning and doing ceremonies, you can do nothing without the spirit of Creator working through you.

Smudging, as with anything in life, is only a way to get yourself into a prayer mood.

Praying (Smudging), is for Creator to come bless the reason for your smudging.

If anyone is smudging so that they can clean or clear anything or anyone.

Run from that smoke as fast as you can.
It is not tribal it is not about your Creator (God)!"

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