Shechaim Ohjieshans Healthcare Plan

Shechaim Ohjieshans Healthcare Plan
Did you know that the Affordable Care Healthcare Program

is forcing members of congress
to buy a plan in the program

As soon as they get rid of the program
they get to go back to

Our plan is

Every citizen and wannabe citizen, in this country.

(E V E R Y O N E).

Old, young and anyone in-between.

White, Brown, Red, Yellow and anyone in-between.

Republican, Democratic, Independent and anyone in-between.

God forbid even members of Indian and Native American Country.

Should have the same healthcare as now enjoyed by congress!

Health Benefits for Members of Congress and Designated Congressional Staff: In Brief
If should be no problem for congress to figure-out
because their
'Healthcare Plan'
 has been Foolproof for years!

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