Simpleton move for a Minority Party

We put people into office
to work on ways
to help improve
 the country
her people.

Not to spew venom
out of their mouth
daily against
each other.

This is what congress did and is doing today.

Instead of working to improve our healthcare to,
at the very least,
as close as possible to
the healthcare that they enjoy!

Anthony (Mooch) Scaramucci  the Moocher,
folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.

He is going to fire everyone until all that is left are
(Yes my Lord, anything that you say my lord (Groupie)!
Watch the television my friends!

Senator John McCain stated,

"The Democratic party rammed Obamacare through congress!"


My Ex-Friend
that I once voted for,
John McCain.

 "Do Nothing Congress"
"Did nothing!"
Did nothing for 7 1/2 now 8 years.
Senator Elizabeth Warren,
once a friend,
 stabbed my president in the back
 is now trying to become
the savior of the country and 'Mother Earth'.

I am so tired of the

(Dim-Witted; Insatiable, and Lethargic, cluster of Narrow-Minded People),
in charge of what once was the
"Political Party of the People"!
Democratic Party.

While the Majority Party is Spiraling into Chaos as I write this post.

The Minority Party, instead of grabbing the moment, is also busy crumbling into nothing,

while juggling for a political position to better themselves in our government!


The vast majority of their voters, being so discussed with this, are not voting.


Voting across party lines to vote for lying wannabe

(Dim-Witted; Insatiable, and Lethargic, cluster of Narrow-Minded People)!

Green, Do Nothing, or Independent parties.
Now, what do we have to say about what you are calling
'your president'?
I have no clean, clear, comfortable words that are printable!

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