Heart Attack Drug Canutummon

Heart Attack Drug Canutummon
As seen on WFTV this morning with Jamie Holmes.
I have no idea why we can never give WFTV channel 9 Orlando the credit on things like this, because we can never find them on their sites?
Now, a wonder drug that halves risk of cancer, heart attack
Why anti-inflammatory drug Canakinumab is not a ‘wonder drug’ yet
Being hailed as one of the biggest breakthrough since statins, a wonder drug has been created that slashes the risk of dying from heart attacks and cancer.
According to a US study, the drug cuts danger by up to a half.
Dr Paul Ridker, lead researcher said that his Harvard University team's findings would mean a new era of treatment. According to experts, the drug called canakinumab, also protects against gout and arthritis

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