A Hardy Race of Men
America’s Early Indians
Another slap in the face to my people, this one is from

(a library in Illinois)!
You know, this state, is the one that sent a person to Florida and Florida made him the governor.
A writer and the state of new York along with the New York state Museum of Science.
Wrote a book, good, bad or indifferent, it was heading for the incinerator before being saved by a ‘book reader’.
(Copyright 1970)
My Anthropologist
This one word is the worse by far
of anything that can be said about a book!
If one thinks about this for a few moments, the same can be said for my people,
(The first people of this land-- Native American Country-- Indian Country)!
As a Spiritual Teacher, now retired, since being chosen by Shechaim Ohjieshan Ziek in 1986,
I have been trying to keep the words, wisdom, culture and ceremonies alive in print for those few interested in knowing about their ways and for too many years it has been (DISCARDED), Alas, I keep trying.

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