Squeaky wheel, Rose Bud/Pine Ridge, Virgin Island/ Puerto Rico!

The people coming to the main land to states like Florida, will

remember the political party in power

that is ignoring their beautiful country,


Now caught up in the White-house and a mayor of Puerto Rico’s battle

to help them survive that hurricane!

If you were in their shoes,

how would you vote in upcoming elections?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

or in my case

Rose Bud/Pine Ridge and/or Virgin Island/ Puerto Rico!

Said Backwards,

Puerto Rico is screaming for help


by god they should be.


The Virgin Islands have also been hit by

every and/or any storm that hit Puerto Rico

only they are not able to be screaming for help as often?


If you feel the need to donate to an Indian Tribe,
what tribe
(only tribe),
comes to mind?
99.99% of the poor tribes in
Native American/Indian Country,
have no or very little help from
the non-Native (Indian), citizens of
this country.
Because you have not heard about them.
We in this country send money, clothing and whatever

to Pine Ridge?

the Virgin Islands

have also been hit by

every and/or any storm

that hit Puerto Rico,

Tribes like Rose Bud

(their next door neighbor),

gets nothing.

Standing Rock Tribe

are being forced to allow

a pipeline of

extremely, caustic, crude, sludge-oil, piped


their waters through their sacred land


on down to

Saudi Arabia

by way of Texas,

to sell back to the citizens

of the

United States of America!

Anyone ever think to ask the Question
Please re-read the top of this posting for your answer!

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