Teaching Native American respect of elders

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Teaching Native American respect of elders
Usually I like to remind my visitors of the distance from your state to our village however, I believe that respecting our elders is, or should be a (Give-me)? In other words, every day you become an elder to someone and every day you could meet someone your elder. We humans on ‘Mother Earth’ seem to have forgotten who or what an elder is. My elders, now ancestors, gave me a lesson in humility when answering the question, “Just who is an elder?” You are an elder young Fox, that’s what they called back then. Look around, how many children are younger then you? O. K. How many at this meeting, one of my grandfathers monthly meetings, are older then you. Remember that each time you teach, how many elders are around you? Now, for me, my elders are now ancestors. So, when I teach I must remember my ancestors, the Great Spirit, Father Sky, and last however never least (Creator)! So I try to teach with the humility of those elders that were teaching me.
Teaching Native American respect of elders
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Respect your elders?
When you hear or read about an elder saying that we must get back to the old ways, they are not asking you to do away with anything, just learn how they lived before this extremely fast moving lifestyle.
Just a short 76 years ago in the land of Uncasvillage, as I was growing up, every person, man, woman or child was the elder of anyone in the tribe younger than they were.
Even a 5 or 6 year old seeing a child younger about to get in trouble or get hurt would come to the rescue by teaching, why it would be wrong.
One should always teach with a loving heart, not a big stick!
Starting today, stop, sit and listen to an elder speak about life as they were growing up around their elders.
Let us remember all of our elders, native and non natives if not for elders we would not be here.
If not for the teaching of our elders, we would still be living in trees.
Native Americans honor your elders at celebrations.
What a great idea, Respect our elders?
I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.
As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from my tribe!
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