Welcome to Derry, New Hampshire

Welcome to our visitor from Derry, New Hampshire

To one of our smudging postings.
Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?
The short of this is, if you are looking for the truth? 
Smudging, unless you are talking about East of the Mississippi river, is anyone lighting something dry enough to smoke and smoke whatever you wish to be smoked.
Smudging as with our ancestors East of the Mississippi river, was with Kinnick-Kinnick
(a group of Sacred Herbs chosen and picked under the direction of the Head Clan Mother).
And never burned in any of our ceremonies.
Smudging by today's (Indians) in your area is more than likely done however and by whomever?
Someone that relocated from West of the Mississippi river from one of their tribes.
I know your area very well although I have not been back for some time now.
Up until my retirement 2004, I had been going to gathering around your area since the age of six (over 70 years ago).
All of the ceremonies from the teaching of our ancestors East of the Mississippi river, are a type of prayer, as in talking, dancing, singing and drumming with Creator.

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