World leaders condemn trump’s decision on Jerusalem!

86 to 0

World leaders condemn trump’s decision on Jerusalem!

Why you might ask?

Does this also include Christians?

Well does it?

Christians in the United States of America?


Are there still any bible reading Christiana  in the United States of America?

Lets check out the Christian Bible and find out.

According to history and the Bible, Jerusalem was the seat (Capital), of Israel.

What is Israel?

Israel is the descendent of Abram.

Who is Abram?

An Arab, or in this case, "Gods Chosen Person"!

How do we know this?

Because history and the whole 'known world' told us so.

Who is the 'Whole Known World'?

The family of Jacob (Israel), Gods chosen People!
(Genesis 25:23-26).
The Arab World.
Now we can see a problem.
So,  Christians.

Before we go any farther with your books from god (The Bible).

Our Lord (Jesus)
(The Messiah Jeremiah 23:5  mashiach), son of David (Isaiah 11:2-5).

told the known world while on Mother Earth, that Jerusalem will not become the seat (Capital), of Israel until his return?

[Joel 3:1-2]

So,  Arab World.

When Israel came to the land to settle, with their family.

Only some of their family and some 'Nomads'
passing now and then through, were on the land.

(a member of a people or tribe 
that has no permanent abode
but moves about from place to place, 
usually seasonally 
and often following a traditional route 
circuit according to the state 
of the pasturage or food supply).

Remember Arab World.

When you took over Israel,
it was occupied with people
(the 12 sons if Jacob, Israel).

I read about this because.

Unlike those Nomads,

when the Euro-Americans came to our land,
the land of the Native American (Indian) Country,
they took our land, by hook and by crook!

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