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The Indigenous people.
CNN Health news today 06/08/2011
EPA moves to ban the sale of some rat poisons

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I will write on this one just in case.

Since this post in 2011, other Chemical companies have been in the market to remove your money from your pocket to theirs.

For instance, a new Chemical (poison) ELIQUIS (apixaban)!


At just under $500.00 of your money into theirs per prescription!

The complete post is below!

(I am quoting from this article.

Washington (CNN) -- "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday that it would work to ban the sale of some mouse and rat poisons in a bid to better protect children and pets.

The agency in 2008 gave makers of such poisons until last week to research, develop and register new products that would be safer than those that were then on the market. Many companies complied, but some did not.

Among the targets are such popular rodent poisons as D-Con, Victor and Hot Shot".

My question was, is, and will always be, " What about Coumadin"?

Warfarin ( Coumadin) is the active ingredient in rat poison invented in 1923 to kill Rodents.

I would think that besides an aspirin a day someone could have developed anything safer then Rat Poison?

I, along with many others, found out almost too late that this drug can cause internal bleeding and if not treated quickly, death, in particular, the Indigenous people.

If not for a freak trip to the doctors, I would be dead!

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