I always enjoy these question Sheridan, Wyoming

Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming

Tobacco (Herbs) as a Traditional Native American Gift

I always enjoy this question because it gives me an honest chance to vent frustration against cigarettes.

Please always remember the distance from the little village of my ancestors and the area of the visitor, in this case Wyoming, looking for an answer?

I write to help our people keep the ancestors ways alive in the hearts and minds of our people and try to help correct some miss understandings in print lately.

That said

Please also remember that while our ancestors were using their herbs (Kinnick-Kinnick), there was no such thing as the chemicals being used by modern tobacco companies to get you hooked at spending your hard earned money just to die a horrible death smoking their poison cigarettes!

Sorry and thank you for allowing the venting.
I have watched far too many of my friends die this death from their cigarettes.


Herbs from your area can be found all around your area, please contact a Clan Mother from a tribe in or around your area for the correct use of your herbs?

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