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One of many of our pages about our people.
What is a Shechaim?

You might have notices that most of our blogs and our website has pages for more information to our readers?


Back to your interest in the name of our ancestors leaders over on
the East coast of

Native American Country.

Shechaim Ohjieshan Unkas
(Shechaim Ohjieshan).
There is no real known photo of our first Shechaim.
"A descendents of Samson Occum,
an American native Preacher
an ancestor of both
Mary Tracy Fielding Storey
Bright Star
Alice Storey. “
Think about what our people over in this country have done, are doing and more than likely will keep on doing to name from your country?


People coming from other country going through
Ellis Island
have had their name bastardized .

While, census keepers from the Euro-American's have also bastardized  our people's name of both
Indian country
Native American country.

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