Respecting Elders

Welcome Hebron, Kentucky

Teaching Native American respect of elders

This country must
put her people to work
building back our
infrastructure now!

We need real jobs in this country, not part time junk jobs!

the above post
as you can see,
is about teaching our youth to teach their youth.


Today our youth have found an easy target to some quick money at the expense of our elders!

History over the last 35 plus years in this country will teach you how and why this is happening.

President Abraham Lincoln was honest so we killed him!

President John Kennedy was honest so we killed him!

President Jimmy Carter is honest so we ended his term )at one)!

President Barrack Obama is honest so congress pledged from day one to
(Not work with him)
at the expense of you our citizens!

The most qualified person to run this country was cheated out of the presidency
by our congress,
a communist country,
greedy, jealous, people in her own party
a crooked, opposing, political party,
all at the expense of you our citizens!

This must stop now!

The government of the United States three party system has become floored because of 'Crooked Politicians' and their 'Lobbyist Scum'!

What you say?

If  or when we get an 'honest president' we have a crooked congress.

If or when we get an 'honest federal senate' we have a crooked federal house of representative.

If or when we get an 'honest federal house of representative' we get a crooked president and so on.

This is nothing new.
I am just bringing it out in the open!

only the rich can get elected
if they play
their lobbyist game
money for favors!

Respect your elders?

When you hear or read about an elder saying that we must get back to the old ways, they are not asking you to do away with anything, just learn how they lived before this extremely fast moving lifestyle.

we must concentrate on
'Respecting our country and her citizens?

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