(If you tell the truth)

One should always tell the truth.

Coming from a Native American Family in New England, this was pounded into our heads; mine was thicker than the other children, by our Clan Mothers.

If you tell the truth you will have no need of a perfect memory, something very important when you get older.

Politicians still have not grasped this and many do not even care, they just keep telling the same old lies hoping that you might someday believe them?

Let’s take (Speaker of the House in Florida Richard Corcoran), soon to lose his job because of the many lies in his silly ads about (Sanctuary City and immigrants), and he knows it!

Governor Rick Scott and the guy in the White House, for instance, cannot even read the reports written carefully by their attorneys without stumping, hesitating and rechecking the next lie in the line of so many in every speech!

Watch the guy in the White house trying to read the two Teleprompters and keep up with the subject-line?

Looks like he has a little wet spot?

Watch Governor Rick Scott while carefully reading while not annoying the NRC and his other main contributors!

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