Let’s be honest my friends?

One FBI Agent screwed the Poop so to speak

Let’s be honest my friends?

We have all been to school at some point in our lives and can still remember how it went with students that some believe are different.
It is called


This by no means lets him off the "Hot Seat"!
He and he alone puller the trigger!

However, I along with at least half the country, police and any law enforcement person
agree that the fault lies with the court system in this country!

Our court system can set the blame on our laws!

We the People must blame the many stupid laws.

Thousands of rich pay their ‘lobbyist

‘Crooked Politicians’

in favor of laws

that fit into the profit margin! 

of the rich

the politicians

of their pockets!

I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that this 19 year old with all of his family problems, was also bullies often?

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