(Taw-but-ni ) Thank - You, Minister Chris

(Taw-but-ni ) Thank - You Minister Chris

Chris and Carol Presbyterian minister, do not pretend to be Christians, they just do the work of ‘Good Christians’!

A clear crisp understanding of what the ‘First People of the Land’ have been going through almost since ‘First Contact’!

A refreshing blessing from Creator, in today world of ‘pompous wannabes’, with a chip on their shoulders!

Not sure of this as a fact however, that is not the point of the posting.

“North Carolina has the largest number of Native Americans of any state east of the Mississippi one estimate says there are 100,000. Of the eight tribes recognized here, the Eastern Band of Cherokee is the only one officially acknowledged as a sovereign nation by the federal government’.

Chris Highland served as a Protestant minister and interfaith chaplain for nearly 30 years. He is a teacher, writer, free-thinker and humanist celebrant. Chris and his wife, Carol, a Presbyterian minister, live in Asheville. Learn more at chighland.com

Highland Views:

Searching for the heartbeat & drumbeat of Native America

Chris Highland, Highland Views Published 7:06 a.m. ET Feb. 10, 2018

Chris Highland (Photo: Courtesy photo)

If I had a comment I would just say, please do not look at skin color of facial to determine a Native Americas, look as you do all of the people that you minister to, ‘look into their heart!

Once again I must ask this government

“What gives you the right to tell our people anything to do with our culture, ceremonies and/or ancestors, besides the fact that you are a group of ‘bullies 'and we are still living in Native American Country in spite of every time you have tries to end us!”

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