Welcome Lakeland, Florida (Medicine Man)

Welcome Lakeland, Florida,
thank you for your interest
this very important subject!

The mass confusion about the culture of the people in
Native American Country
(our people in and around the New England Area),
is simple to explain if you think history?

History, at least back to my birth (the 1940’s), was a time when Euro-Americans were still calling 'Our People ‘Savages.’

Simple because we did not understand a religion that approved of murder and may-hem?

Yet another subject if you dare to ask!

Ceremonies, all ceremonies, were blessing from our Creator
Because of this Creator Blessings were not taken lightly.

Leaders of each ceremony, after the ‘Head Clan Mother and her Shechaim' male or female, as in this subject, Medicine person would take
many days, weeks and/or month waiting for word in prayer from Creator.

This leader was know as a (chief) working under the supervision of the Head Clan Mother.

A (chief) of the Native American Country People
cannot except a thing for the service they accomplish!

A (Medicine Man/Medicine Woman),
should never be seen in public in his or her Regalia and/or going about the Creators Business!

In today's world one will often see someone in makeshift clothing patting themselves
on the back and 'emesis out nonsense' while 'accomplishing nothing' and 'seeking your money'!

Medicine man or Shaman stories?

Before their passing, my ancestors made me promise to teach our past, present and future for as long as I can.

BFC (Before Casinos) one would never find a Medicine-Woman or a Medicine-Man dressed in the 'New Are costumes'!

For sure you would never catch one in native regalia while doing the Creators business.

So, an Eastern Woodland American Native person (Medicine-man, Medicine-woman) is NEVER a show off.

Because he and she must answer to creator if they do.

In today's world it seems to be a habit for wannabes to find an audience and look foolish trying to be a native?

A Medicine-Woman is a collector of particular group of herbs (Kinnick, Kinnick) for the Medicine-Man.

A Medicine Man uses these particular groups of herbs to do many things being directed to do by Kiehtan's (Creator) blessing.

Before first contact, a time when we were overrun by Europeans and their beliefs, there were no Shamans, Witches or War-Lochs among my people.

There are shaman in India and many countries around the world; this may be what is bringing on the confusion because now they are also in 'New age Indian Nations'?

Our medicine people, men and women, are not actors or politicians, witches, war lochs, or magicians, they are just people doing the Creators work the only way that creator wishes the work to be done, with respect to the person or persons involved.

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