Chief Wendsler Nosie an Apache

I have been blessed to live on Mother Earth for over 77 years now and traveled throughout many countries and most of this land.

In all that time I have never heard an Indian west of the Mississippi river,  say Indian Country and Native American Country in the same sentence until today!

Chief (professor), Wendsler Nosie San Carlos
Apache was on AM Joy
along with a hero to the people
in this house for years
(Reverent Doctor Barber).

Chief Wendsler Nosie San Carlos Apache

Native American Activist Spotlight: Wendsler Nosie Sr.

Today on A M Joy,
our older warrior’s speaking in unison about handing the torch over to
the younger warriors like 
Matthew Post
and following them with pride and a dream, of when we use to have their tenacity?
We need to get out of their way and offer help only if or when we are asked.

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