Dream Catcher or Teardrop?

I learned something new today.

See, and they say that you cannot teach an ‘Old Dog’ ‘New Tricks.’

Dream Catcher may be making a
"Sacred Circle Trip around Mother Earth,"

to get the attention of the people on Mother Earth,
(Enough is Enough, protect my Children)!

 If I had known this much earlier
I would have sent out feelers
for permission
to pray to Creator
at the
Dream Catcher
A Gift No School Wants to Receive

A Native American dream catcher talisman is passed among schools that have suffered deadly shootings

It has been driven across the country in a snowstorm, prayed over and presented in ceremony after ceremony from Columbine, Colo., to Newtown, Conn., and, most recently, Townville, S.C.

It is the gift no school wants to receive.

It is a 19-year-old dream catcher in a poster-size frame, a talisman that has been passed among communities bound together in tragedy, handed to schools that have endured fatal shootings.

On CNN this morning I learned that the Minnesota School Indians made a

Dream Catcher

that looked and felt, to me, like a

‘Mohiigan Tear Drop’?

Dream-catcher to be passed from Townville to Parkland in March

By: Nicole Ford

Updated: Feb 27, 2018 05:48 PM EST

 Lester Holt joined Sam on his visit to Red Lake, Minnesota where he met with Justin Jourdain. 

 Dream catcher

CNN new day with Chris Cuomo Dad wearing son's shoes and Red Lake Indians from Minnesota made a Dream Catcher and delivered it to Columbine after the attack, Columbine school sent the Dream Catcher to Sandy Hook School after the attack, Sandy Hook School sent the Dream Catcher to Washington, to South Carolina and to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, were it was retired?
We are now both retired to Florida?

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