Are the sovereign nations next?

The spoiled Brat in the White house is telling the ‘562’ sovereign nations,

“What Fore”!

After all their casinos are a

‘Big Success”!

And the spoiled Brats Casinos like everything else he gets into were a

“Big Flop”!

Every one of my followers, if you have been following even for a short time, knows my feelings about both sides of this article.

Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical standing

Tribes say they should be exempt from Medicaid work requirements.

By DAN DIAMOND 04/22/2018

As you can see, it took a lot of praying and chastising with Creator

because I promised to write something.

So here goes.
I have
‘No Comment’!

The Trump administration has allowed three states — Arkansas, Kentucky and Indiana — to begin instituting Medicaid work requirements, and at least 10 other states have submitted or are preparing applications. | John Shinkle/POLITICO

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