Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?

Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?

 As a Veteran I am extremely unset with trump and everyone that believes our veterans should be deported!

However, I am and have been extremely upset with the thousands of ‘veterans’ that voted for trump!

We had to stop going to my reunions both ships because of the language of the, so called, (Shipmates)!

If my shipmates did not work together while underway no telling what would happen?

I like to believe that it is like that in all branches of service.

No matter, what would this country be like without the military?

The trump family will never know!

Stop the Deportation of our military Veterans

Alex DiBranco started this petition to State Senator Juan Vargas 2 and 5 others

Servicemembers sign up to put their lives on the line in defense of the United States of America. Veterans deserve respect and support for their willingness to take risks on behalf of the country.

But immigrant veterans are being deported from the adopted country they love, discarded after answering the call of duty.

Promises made that America would honor their service, provide a permanent home, and a path to citizenship, were utterly broken.

By Jan A. Ruhman

When I first heard of the deportation of veterans I said,
"Bullshit, they don't deport veterans."
When I calmed down I took action.

Rohan Coombs, USMC, Gulf War I Veteran

(facing Deportation and being held by ICE in El Centro, California)

If you had Googled "deportation of veterans, deporting US military veterans, banished veterans" or any combination of words to describe this national disgrace in January of 2009 you would have found very little on this injustice. Since then we have, with the guidance and assistance of a dedicated immigration and criminal defense attorney, Heather Boxeth, who serves as lead council:

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