I disagree with Abderrahmane Amor

Respectfully, I disagree with Abderrahmane Amor

The country has been in this 'Hawkish state of mind' even 'before 1776', ask the first people of the land if you do not believe this!

However, that said, my friend, you seemed to be O.K. with our country while sponging off of her for many years?

Of course, being a backer of a Socialist, Community candidate in 2016 would make your statements now understandable!

Your God and your Prophet are watching you!

"The Barbary Wars served as the initiation of an American intent to set the rules on the global stage and eliminate challengers to that dominance.

The way the US conducts itself in the world has not changed much since its inception - for a while, it succeeded in hiding its hawkish pursuit of domination behind false moral pretences, but the game is finally up"

Abderrahmane Amor is an American-Algerian journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey.

He is a former campaign staffer of the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign in Brooklyn, New York. Abderrahmane is currently translating Dr. Mohamed El-Shinqiti's soon-to-be-published

Makes one wonder
why people like
Amor were feeling the Bern in 2016?

 "The Constitutional Crisis of Islamic Civilization".

He is also a proud alum of The Ohio State University where he studied International Relations and Islamic Studies.

Makes you a bit of a back stabbing 'Horses Ass doesn't it'?

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