Two both (Unknowns Question) Phony people

Two both (Unknowns Question), assuming that you are both from California?

Welcome to the post from yesterday.

The abuse goes on, this time, of all places, California!



Yes I did write that,

Every tribe on Mother Earth has a Spiritual Leader willing to pray for permission to Creator

For a blessing to this little piece of the Ohlone- Ancestral land.

First it would be better if it was Every Transitional Tribe on Mother Earth, you are correct, not all tribes lately are true traditionalist!


We would love to come to your corner of Indian Country once again and help you anyway possible.

Alas with our age and old hearts, driving that far is chancy at the very least.

However, traveling in prayer is never impossible my friends.

The Ohlone People are not slaves or savages!

Write back if you have more questions?


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