Mother Earth Solar Power

Mother Earth Solar Power
As with my last blog posting
Drive Baked Get Busted (How Stupid)!

For hundreds of thousands of years Mother Nature has freely given Mother Earth Solar Power.

Again as with the Cannabis Plant (marijuana), governments around the world refuse to do Solar Power for the people as Mother Nature has designed it to be!


The sun warmed your ancestors, warmed their water, warmed their homes, and helped grow plants, melted snow and ice for drinking, light through windows at night, showed time for planting and time before it gets dark and so on.


It was all for FREE!
The moon can heat solar panels some if not maintain heat from the day.

Sun power for jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

The only reason why Alternative Energy is so expensive is the greedy politicians, greedy lobbyists and the Oil and Gas companies!

Having the Power Companies build Solar and Wind Generators is like placing a known thief in charge of your cash register!
Think about the many ways to use the sun and I will show you many jobs building each of the equipment for each of your ways to use the sun that well turn into millions of new jobs.

Not just sun all Alternative Energy means jobs also millions of jobs!

However, this must always be done by people outside of politics and oil or gas stockholders for obvious reasons!

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