There is only one way to clear a ‘Swamp’!

There is only one way to clear a ‘Swamp’!

To clean and clear a Swamp, walk away and turn it over to ‘Mother Nature’

To clean and clear the ‘Swamp’ from our capitals state and federal.

Ban all media, all nighttime comics and all talk shows like AM Joy, Morning Joe, Fox News, Saturday night live, and the View from saying anything about the guy in the White house!

So what on earth will they all talk about?

Funny you should ask.

Talk about nothing that is wrong with the country and the world, and talk about the best ways to make the country and the world right and a better place to live in.

Stop all talking and showing all of the bad in the world without showing and talking about equal amounts of good in the world.

Sounds like quite a challenge!

Well, guess what?

It is call Journalism!

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