'Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk'

The Ramapough and decolonization - Anthony Van Dunk

Shawnee Elder, 'Tah' (Donna), and I met 'Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk' a number of times at his gatherings.

The Ramapough Lenape Indians are an East coast people, or were at that time?

 In other words, a Matriarch Tribe.

How can a tribe, a traditional tribe, vote out a Sachem (Shechaim), their leader of the tribe?

You can vote out a president, senator, congressman or woman, mayor and governor of this country.

However, a traditional tribe is none of the above!

The same reason as in this country, "Money talks, tradition, culture, and ceremonies Walk"!

The elders (ancestors), of our ‘First People, are rolling over in their graves and Creator is ‘fit to be tired’ because of today’s tribes!

Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk of the Ramapough Lenape Indians.

December 25, 2016 

Ramapough Mountain Indians

Our friend

Ronald Van Dunk, 68, Chief Red Bone of the Ramapough Mountain Indians, Is Dead


Ronald Van Dunk, who led the Ramapough Mountain Indians in their continuing fight to win federal recognition as a tribe, died last Sunday at a nursing home in Suffern, N.Y. He was 68 and had lived in Hillburn, N.Y.

The cause was heart failure, said his wife, Sheila.

Mr. Van Dunk, who was known as Chief Red Bone, held the title of grand chief of the 3,000 Ramapough Mountain Indians, who belong to three groups or clans living in Hillburn, in Rockland County, and across the state line in Mahwah and Ringwood in northeastern New Jersey.

They were recognized as a tribe by New York and New Jersey in 1980, but the federal government has denied their application for tribal status, filed in 1979.

Anthony van dunk Ramapough Lenape Indians obituary

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