The last of the Mohicans ( Mohegan's).

This is another question that keeps coming up in my tracked.
The Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper, first published in February 1826.
Is a will written novel and a good fiction film 1992 about Indians.
Yes, it is true that Mr. Cooper is a relation.
Yes, it is true that Uncas is the first Sachem of our people and that Russell Means is a great warrior Native American however, it is also true that the book and the film take liberties with the past in order to make and sell the book and the movie.
Nothing wrong with that as long as it is understood that they are both only fictions for your enjoyment and that you remember that we are still very much a part of this land called, Mother Earth.
I did enjoy reading and then watching the Last of the Mohicans while knowing that they, the Mohicans as with our people are still around.
The story takes place in 1757, about the French and Indian War when France and Great Britain battled for control of the Colonies.
This story was built on some very close to the truth information about the knowledge of a scout during a war, a good scout could tell if a body had been moved, the principal character Uncas, after a well-known Mohegan sachem, allied with the English in 17th-century.
Mr. Cooper confuse and merge the names of the two tribes , Mohegan and Mohican in order to make for a good story.
The Mohican are in the Hudson River Valley , the Mohegan's left that area and live up and down the east coast.
Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) in this play is a European-born adopted son of the Mohican scout Chingachgook (Russell Means), 

in this film, not true Mohegan's or Mohicans, wouldn't it be nice if the 1992 film or a newer movie used real Mohican/Mohegan people?

Who would want to take a few steps backwards from Sachem of the people, to just Uncas ?

Also, in that old film the other Indians look and act like Mohawks.

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