Mohegan people (clans) origin?

Before starting this blog I must start with a note about something that has been irritating me for years!
There is someone, now connected with casino's, that has been writing about my people for far too long now. He is not of my tribe, I cannot find were he is related with any native tribe, he has changed his writing many times over the years, I guess in search of the money without showing the proof!
That said now to answer another of your internet questions.
Mohegan clans origin?
Our people, ( the Eastern Woodland American Natives) in their own way, just called each other brother or sister, the word clan came from the Europeans.
Because this has been used for so long now, I also have used the word clad.
National Geographic.

I believe that my people, the native people, came across a land bridge known as Beringia (Bering Strait).

I also believe that many years later Europeans came and mingled with our people by boat and on foot.
The first Highlanders to come to Nova Scotia
Scottish clan

The people from Scotland came much later and also use the word clan.

Norman clans first landed in Nova Scotia

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