Native American gifting tobacco (Herbs) to an elder?

First thing to remember about our tobacco, it was, it is, and should always be, herbs (Kinnick Kinnick) not a chemical treated cigarettes!
While offering a cigarette, please remember, it is an insult to a Traditional if that person is a Non Smoker!

Please remember, there is nothing sacred about any chemical, they are all poison so, what you would be saying if gifting tobacco to this person is, I poison you!
A person handing this herb will usually have it wrapped in something for a convenience to the elder, not always but, if it is wrapped, red would be the preferred color of the wrap.

Also, by using your left hand to his/her left hand, shows true respect and knowledge to the elder.

Have you seen the movie Avatar?
The new leader (Tsu'Tey) placed his left hand on the, Touk Makto, (Jake Sully's) left shoulder and said, ( I will fly with you) someone did their homework on Native Americans for this will played movie.
Each time a native uses a traditional way an elder sheds a tear of joy.

My ancestors were simple common sense people.

Their tobacco was grown without chemicals, the ancestors did not need them!

Today our elders know that cigarettes cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they know and love has died a horrible death from this cancer.

 Please do not insult them by an offering of a cancer causing cigarette.

Will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick (herbs)?


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