Native American Spirituality is simple.

Native American Spirituality.

Spirituality is not religion to American Natives.
Religion is not a Native concept, it is a non Native word, with implications of things that often end badly, like Holy wars in the name of individual God's and so on.
Native people do not ask what religion another Native is, because they already know the answer.
To Native people, spirituality is about the Creator, "period."

A question asked often "Is Creator a he"?

As soon as we, as humans, place a noun or verb around Creator you are trying to pull Creator down to be human.

Remember, Creator is the creator of all creation, so no, Creator in not he, she, it, or anything else our little minds can think up however, not to worry Creator does not want creation worrying about anything that is waiting for us in the next life just know that we are in good hands.

Always be in a position of respect (prayer) about everything created.
Always do things that you know your Creator wishes for you to do!
Who is this Creator?
Creator is, was, and will always be, because if at some point creator was not, then how could anything have been created?
If this is Creator, then way do we sometimes call Creator," Grandfather"?
The word grandfather in any Native American language is always a show of respect,
 that is why sometimes, you will hear a native person call an elder Grandfather.
Grandfather is not always Creator but, Creator is always our Grandfather.

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