Native American Occult.

If The Occult- Witches, Warlocks, Witchcraft, Wicca, Sorcery and Paganism beliefs do not belong in Traditional Eastern Woodland Native American gatherings, how did they get their?
The Irish, Scottish, and Wales people came to Indian country they brought their religions with them.
The Irish Scotland and Welch are not Native Americans.

The Vikings came to Indian Country from the east and landed on the northeastern shores.
These people brought their knowledge and beliefs along with them.
They are not Native Americans.
Viking beliefs and myths.
The Scandinavian beliefs developed out of the original common mythology of the Germanic peoples which originated in, and developed from, India and the Vedas, Brahminism known as Keralaiyers. 
Brahmanism is about sacrificing to many gods.

The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs all came from Mexico they are natives however, none of them settled into the Eastern Woodland area.

The Mayans were found in southern Mexico and northern Central America.
Mayan religion worship  the gods of sun, rain and corn with rituals of human sacrifice.

The Incas spread through what is now Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile.
The Inca worshipped the dead. 
They practiced daily human offering and sacrifices.

The Aztec religion was dominated by human sacrifice.

Native Americans believe in Creator and all of the creations 
without sacrificing anything.

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