Herbs, Kinnick Kinnick.

What is Kinnick~ Kinnick?
My tracker lit up with questions about what is this strange herb?
There are many attempts to explain it however, why is it so hard to understand?
A few tribes may use Bearberries, Sage or Sweet Grass however, the herbs are up to you.
First, Kinnick~ Kinnick is not an herb, it is many herbs.
The correct answer to me from my elders now ancestors, the Eastern Woodland New England Traditional American Native people is, this set of herbs are found in and around your area in wooded land, carefully cared for by  the Tribal Clan Mothers for use by the Tribal Grandfathers in ceremonies.
If you wish to have your own Kinnick~ Kinnick found by you for your own use (free) just write to me for more information!
walkingfox at centurylink.net

Please remember, there is nothing sacred about any chemical, they are all poison so, what you would be saying if gifting tobacco to this person is, I poison you!

My ancestors were simple common sense people.

Their tobacco was grown without chemicals, the ancestors did not need them!

Today our elders know that cigarettes cause cancer, even if they smoke, someone that they know and love has died a horrible death from this cancer.

Please do not insult them by an offering of a cancer causing cigarette.

Will you please use Kinnick~ Kinnick (herbs)?

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