Grandfather (Ojeesan, Ohe-he-shun) a name for God.


Grandfather a name for God to Indigenous people (Eastern Woodland Native Americans or my people)?

People of the world (Mother Earth) have many names for their supreme being.

Personally I like the one found in the Jewish, Torah, ( I AM)!

This covers everything, guess that is why Creator used it to answer Moses!

Many of the true American Natives, Native Americans, call our Supreme being Grandfather, a name we know is Creator because this Supreme being created everything.

Grandfather is an elder in a tribe therefore should have knowledge that goes with being around the longest, where to find the best fishing hole, the best hunting, the best ground for safety, for growing and so on, it is called respect.

This Creator outsiders call God, Jehovah, Allah and so on, however, some countries have or need more than one Supreme Being?

I believe that Evolution is a big joke on humanity taught by Trickster!

My blog, my opinion.

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