Native American Allergies.

Allergies in Indian country.
If it is not a native to Native American/Indian Country, you are allergic to it!
Like so many Natives to this country that are Lactose intolerance to dairy products, think Allergies.

It has been said that American Natives (Native Americans) have a missing enzyme found in Europeans so, if you are having an allergic reaction to something, first check to see if it, like you, is a true native!
The less foreign blood you have the more prone to their allergies you will be.
Therefore the more European blood you have the less you tend to be allergic however, this is just another way of confirming your native blood?
Yes, Traditional Native American tribal mothers (Clan Mothers) do have herbs that will help with all of our allergies, they have been reluctant to share this information for fear of a witch hunt, it is not paganism it is just old fashion herbs provided by Creator.

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