Do powwow's charge money at entry?

Question for the day.

Do all powwow's charge money at enter?

Today there are 3 basic groups of people having powwows.

(1)~ One's that are in it for the money, they need a lot of money to pay their dancers, just like a caravel or a circus they are fun to look at however, nothing traditional about them.

Almost all of them will not allow the public into their ARENA to dance.

(2)~ One's that are wannabes natives, just looking to cash into a casino or make money off the public, a few ways that you can tell them, they call a circle an arena, they have an arena director, they will have a cold gathering so they try to add a lot of color, also having nothing to do with traditional natives they just try to look alike.

They both ask for money!

(3)~ The third will be small and may even look like a pack of bag a bonds, they ask for a donation because they must pay the insurance, electricity, drummers, the MC and the cost to rent the land.

If you feel that you cannot afford a donation you are still welcome by creator and the tribe!

Real drummers and M C's will not charge, or charge very little for transportation, some are even a member of their tribe however, some must charge to help pay for their transportation because they do many gatherings.

It will have a circle with a fire some place on the grounds, usually in the circle with a fire keeper or someplace in the west.

This Fire keeper will be protecting this fire throughout the powwow however, will be trying to be inconspicuous.

Keeper at the gate (not an arena director) a servant to creator and the people charged with maintaining the circle with respect.

This keeper will help keep order and always willing to explain and answer your questions.

You will be blessed by letting yourself go with prayer to your creator, when asked to, get in the circle and let yourself shine, no one cares if you can dance, just always be respectful to your creator.

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