How to receive a Native American name, European and Spiritual.

How to receive a Native American name, European and Spiritual.

Before starting this blog please remember that it is not necessary to have any native name to be able to enjoy speaking with the creator of all creation!

That said let us begin.

I would first respectfully disagree with answers to this question that parents can choose native names for their children however, one can agree that there is a wide range of naming ceremonies from all over Indian country.

One should agree that asking an elder for help is a good idea, again one must be careful when going through a human, one must always turn this and all questions over to creator.

Many humans out in Indian country are in the naming business solely to make money off of your need to have a native name.

Before any ceremony, prayer is a requirement, then you and your elder/elders can go through a list of some name you believe most likely to fit you.

Time to once again pray, pray for help with what creator wishes, one you have chosen and/or one from creator.

Remember, creator will always choose your Spiritual name first, then give you a European name to fit that Spiritual one.

Prayer of thanks for creators kindness, understanding, and love for you and you names that should place your heart in the correct mood to speak with your creator, this should be the only reason for a need to receive a native name, never for show and tell!

I believe that natives should get into the habit of making and wearing a prayer pouch, this pouch (with your Spiritual name inside) will then remind natives you pass by to remember prayer.

Do not wait for your name, get in the habit of wearing your prayer pouch, not a medicine pouch, a prayer pouch!

If you try this with a phony name or a name from a phony person, or abuse your right to a Spiritual name, remember " Creator is always watching" so you are on your own and better repent!

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