Flashing your headlights.

Is flashing your headlights illegal or a free speech issue?

Flashing your headlights should be neither, because if you have passed a problem of some kind like an accident or something in the road behind you, you should warn oncoming traffic for safety.

If you are flashing your headlights because you have just passed a police check, shame on you, because you just did a very stupid thing!

The police are trying to save your life, they are looking for speeders, reckless, drunk and/or drug drivers, they need better laws to clamp down on cell phones and texting.

We just came back from a family reunion, we saw speeders recklessly hogging the road, we saw many drivers weaving from lane to land while on a cell phone (so many people need to express themselves with both hands to the cell phone while driving).

We also saw many drivers going down the road 65 or 70 while texting!

However, the winner of the biggest stupid prize, an old lady driving on RT # 75 at between 35 and 70 miles per hour while balancing her checkbook, we had to pass her because she would go from 35 to 70 and into three lanes, I looked over and could not believe my eyes, the statement was in her left hand on the wheel, her checkbook was in her right hand while on the wheel and the pen was in her mouth when we passed!

At any given time anyone of them may hurt or kill you or a love one because you flashed your headlights so that they could pass the police and go on the way to destruction!

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