American Indian burial prayer

Lincoln Nebraska

AQUINE (Peace to you)

Welcome to the visitor to my teaching blog postings looking for answers to their questions like American Indian burial prayer.

I do wish to comment a little more on this subject if I may?

If you find yourself at a ceremony, any ceremony without an elder able to pray for Creators attention, please pray for your own clean clear mind and ask Creator (who is always walking by your side) for help and close your eyes Creator will do the rest for you, if your mind is in fact clean and clear.

The simple prayer  is sometimes the best!

If you are the type of person that only wishes to pat yourself on the back or want to receive money, I put a curse on you for even asking for the knowledge!

Aquine my friend.

I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestors.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not of my tribe!

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Taw-but-ni (Thank-you) for your questions

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