Once again!

Three schools of thought on the shutting down of Wikipedia?

(1)- The company, at times, can keep our government and the 1% in check!

(2)- This company gives people a free way to express themselves.

(3)- This company gives people a free way to express themselves!

Each time I check to see what the question of the day is from my tracker, I must go through many Wikipedia answers, by people that do not know what they are talking about, before reading anything that even closely resembles the truth.

Because there is no need to possess the knowledge, just write whatever you chose to be your truth!

So they are allowed to open the mouth long before the brain is in gear!

The biggest problem with this is, wannabe’s think that it is the gospel truth and run with it, then people that really are interested in the truth can get lost in the hog wash!

Wikipedia Blackout

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