Native American Prayer

Many questions lately are about prayer, or the correct way to pray.

This question, I feel, must be answered correctly each time that it is asked by anyone asking.

First, what is Prayer?

Any prayer should be a talk with your Creator!

'One should not'

should never speak out loud in public gatherings for 1/2 to 3/4’s of an hour or more only to show how great you are at speaking.

'Creator is greater that all creation put together'!

One should remember that your Creator already knows your prayer and the answer before you pray, so why not just talk as you would (respectfully) as if creator is your best friend?

Because Creator is your 'Best Friend'!

After all, is this not speaking the truth?

If you find yourself at an important ceremony or gathering without an elder for prayer, clean and clear your mind, ask permission to pray and if granted, just talk to our very best friend!

Remember to always use words that your gathering will understand or you are wasting their and Creators time.

I am pleased to be able to teach as much as possible about my traditional ancestor’s and their teachings.

As you may or may not see while traveling around the internet, some teaching about our people will not compute with what the elders taught as the truth, many times often taught by non native people or not from this tribe!

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