Black Bear Clan.

The Bear Clan (Black Bear) is one of our Mohiigan (the Mohegan/Pequot tribes) main clans and has been forever.
The black bear is strong, gentle, wise, feared and loved by Native people throughout the eastern tribes however, my clan has a special reason for choosing to be called the Black Bear Clan.
This story is now being added onto by my head Clan Mother now living in California, for the enjoyment of children and visitors to our gatherings however, it is based on a very real event in my families past, you see this story is about me.
This is why I am upset with the treatment of our brothers and sisters, the animals, and mostly the Black Bear!
I wish to thank the visitor from the state of
Portland Oregon
For asking your question and giving you my answer from a very sad heart!
Native American Traditions about Black Bear

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