Pfc Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box

World War II Veteran

The last real war, a war won for our freedom and was won by Pfc. Lawrence Davis Jr and millions of our ancestor just like him.

Pfc. Davis Jr. was fighting an enemy of freedom because he cared about his country the United States of America.

Pfc Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box because no one in his country cared about him.

Today July 3rd 2012 while getting ready to picnic, party and watch fire in the sky, a hand full of veterans stopped to help their brother receive an honorable resting place.

WELCOME HOME and Rest in peace my brother and THANK-YOU for serving!

Gene Whitfield


Whitfield Funeral Home And Cremation Services

Zephyrhills, FL Funeral Home and Cremation

Offered a free casket to Senator Bill Nelson’s office as soon as he heard about the tragedy!

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