Hispanic Power

As a Traditional Native American I know just how it feels not being represented well enough in the political arena!
That said my brother and sister Native American, Hispanic/Latino American voters,
I only ask that you carefully choose the correct person whom you are backing in your future!
One of the political parties is trying to push their well groomed candidate on us all however, when making this extremely important decision we must check their past very carefully!
As a Indigenous race of people, our religion, family life and relationship to our past means everything to us, so why would we be voting for a person with such a long history of abuse to women?
Not necessarily physically but mentally and morally!
Would your elders and ancestors be proud of voting for a person with a long shady political past?
The following is my short list of our indigenous people now in the political arena just to give you an idea of a much better choice for your first president!
Latino Leaders:
The National Magazine of the Successful American Latino
The 42 most influential Latino politicians
Hispanic Power
Many of us that the Europeans call "indigenous people" are of a Matriarch society
(love and respect of our women).
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Thank-you for reading and understanding of this posting.
It is impossible to correctly list American Natives in the political arena because this government refuses to recognize well over half of our people (somehow we do not seem to have enough blood)?
List of Native American politicians


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