How Native American youth avoid drugs and alcohol

Adherence to Native American traditions help Native American youth avoid drugs and alcohol
Native Americans do not separate spirituality from other areas of their life, making it more complex, both socially and culturally, because it is intertwine with their daily existence.
Hold on a minute there Kulis, you are not correct in your following statement!
“Most American Indians now live in cities rather than tribal communities.
Our study is one of the few to address the role of spirituality and religion among urban Native youth, recognizing the unique histories of cultural integration that characterize today’s urban American Indian communities and the complex belief systems and practices that sustain them in the urban landscape,” Kulis said.
We in the east, the Traditional American Natives in the New England area have known this for hundreds Ya, thousands of years and have been preaching this for that long!
Native American youths, in urban areas, who follow traditional Native American spiritual beliefs are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse with an article called “Spirituality and Religion: Intertwined Protective Factors for Substance Use Among Urban American Indian Youth”.

If you check records you will find out that the so called " unrecognized tribes" throughout the New York, New Jersey and New England area teach their young our culture and ceremonies and that our young are not drug or alcohol abusers, at least not the ones brought up in our Traditional Matriarch Society, as far back as you can while trace our Sachems!

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