Florida Indians beat Florida China!

Who said that the Chinese cannot be beat at their own game?
Talking about the country of India and the country of China!
Orlando restaurant to be temporarily shut down due to violations
Why is this restaurant only temporarily shut down?
Orlando restaurant will be forced to temporarily shut its doors after state inspectors found the restaurant dangerously violating state code.
Cockroaches, mice, rats and flies walk on unspoken about things, then they walk on the unprotected food that you are thinking about eating.
W F T V - 9 News has been investigating the CHAAT House for years because of bad inspections.
Food stored on the flood, cockroaches found on customers clothing and that is just the good things!
Before you eat please, please check out this website and anything like it!
Dirty Dining
I just found this site on the internet.
Wendy Ryan co-anchors the 6 and 11 o'clock editions. She also launched the popular “Dirty Dining” franchise shortly after joining ABC Action News.
After almost 34 years repairing restaurant equipment throughout New England, nothing surprises me any longer!
Chef Irvine restaurant impossible
We really enjoy Restaurant Impossible on TV however, I must disagree with Chef Irvine on one thing.
I do not eat at any restaurant that I cannot see the kitchen!
This is one really good reason why I became a good cook, at home!

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