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Looking for the meaning of Seaconke bird
To one of my postings about Birds
Actually the word Seaconke when used by my elders now ancestors was about Sea Gulls however, it can also be used for any bird in flight like , Bats, Pelicans, Gulls, Owls and Eagles, not just birds of prey.
Birds. SakamiTori or (Bird of Prey)
The Traditional Eastern Woodland American Natives Ancestors around the New England area believed that ALL bird of Prey are our spiritual messengers and send from Creator for our protection.
One of the main reasons that I no longer help or have powwows or gatherings is because of the treatment of Birds of Prey in our modern gatherings.
One would need to get an invite to just one Paw-paus and see what I am talking about.
If, for instance, your gathering or powwow is stating a belief in an Eagle as your messenger to Grandfather (Creator).
Why do you allow this beautiful bird to be chained and forced into your entry (Arena as some are now calling it)?
In Florida there are "powwows" that abuse their Eagle each day of this "powwow"!
Whatever happened to Birds are our brothers and sisters?
Treat your sister like that, you go to jail!

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