Update to Heaven, Where is it?

The point to my comment on this story is that, every religious organization in Indian country is hell bent on converting my people to their beliefs however, every time they hold a religious round table, with the exception of Connecticut College some years ago, the people that they are trying to convince that they have the real GOD are excluded from their meetings! Now why do you suppose that is?

As a Spiritual Leader I must once again protest on behalf of our people.

Let us back up a few years to a time just before casinos came to my land.
One of the many Earth day at CONN College that we go to because it was a student, teacher, parent working together for the good of Mother Earth, Day.
I was asked by the many friends of this collage to sit in on their upcoming Round table. Creator knows how much I hate speaking in public however, my prayers said one word 
Once this meeting started and I could see the many extremely intelligent question asked and how quiet the room would get while they listened and then questioned again, I forgot just how nerves I was, lost all sense of time and just enjoyed the rest of the meeting, answering their questions and asking many of my own!
Thank-you Creator (GOD) because you are much wiser then I!

Barbara Walters to Anchor HEAVEN: WHERE IS IT? HOW DO WE GET THERE?
Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Mormon, Buddhist, Evangelical, Atheist, Muslim, Terrorist, The Science "The God Gene".

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