Traditional Native American Spiritual Leader

Mitt Romney is a very religious man
If this is true then he will know this piece of scripture
John 8:7
Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone
As a Traditional Native American Spiritual Leader, I have been trying to help Religious leaders understand why they cannot reach our people while using their bibles!
Take a closer look at this year's political campaigning then open your bibles and show me your truth?
For those of you that do not believe in the bible.
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Connie Mack, "People that live in glass houses should never throw stones"
Romney seeks to undercut Obama’s likability lead
The president’s re-election effort, Romney said Wednesday, “is all about division and attack and hatred.” Obama, Romney added later while campaigning in Charlotte, is an angry man who “will do or say anything to get elected.”
While some GOP strategists question whether Romney’s tactic will work, they agree that he is vulnerable among voters who find Obama more personally appealing. Romney and his allies appear bent on persuading voters that Obama is not what he seems.
Appearing Wednesday on CBS, Romney said the Obama campaign is “designed to bring a sense of enmity and jealousy and anger.” 

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